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With more than 20 years of experience, ÆGIDE is now a recognised operator-developer. The Group occupies an undisputed position as a leader in the senior living facilities market through its DOMITYS brand, which has more than 210 residences (opened or under construction) in France and abroad.

ÆGIDE today…

The Group is experiencing significant growth in its stock of senior living facilities, with 15 to 20 new residences opened and around 500 new staff hired each year.

ÆGIDE has been able to juggle internationalisation and diversification simultaneously. In 2019, the opening of a senior serviced residence and a tourist residence on the same site in Nantes, France, is testimony to this ability to gather together the skills and knowledge throughout the cycle, from development to operation, including real estate promotion and marketing.

The Group capitalises on its knowledge of the operating business at all levels. We are thus able to reach all client sectors, as illustrated by the success of our four-star hotel, The Crest Collection Château Belmont in Tours, France.


in senior living
facilities in France


employees across
all activities

More than 20

years of experience in the operating
and development business



Olivier WIGNIOLLE appointed Execute Chairman of the ÆGIDE DOMITYS Group

On 11 May 2023, the General Meeting of AEGIDE-DOMITYS appointed Olivier Wigniolle as Executive Chairman to replace Jean-Marie Fournet.


ÆGIDE’s Supervisory Board is set up

On July 19, 2021, the Supervisory Board of ÆGIDE meets for the first time since the acquisition of the Group by AG2R LA MONDIALE on June 29. It appoints its members and names André Renaudin as Chairman.


The beginning of the Asian story

Through a joint venture created with the ASCOTT Group, the Group’s first Asian project is identified. It will consist of senior living facilities located in Malaysia, operated under the DOMITYS brand.


DOMITYS confirms its ambitions by crossing a symbolic threshold

The 100th DOMITYS residence is opened in Calais and a new goal for the DOMITYS brand is announced, that of opening 200 residences in France and abroad by 2024.


Accelerated growth

The 80th DOMITYS residence is opened. International development is strengthened through the opening of the second residence in Antwerp, Belgium and the launch of construction in Bergamo, Italy and in Mauritius.


The Group grows

The production and opening of DOMITYS residences doubles. The number of employees exceeds 2000 and a major sports sponsorship contract is signed to enhance DOMITYS’ reputation among the general public and partners.


Consolidating the fundamentals

The marketing of DOMITYS residences increase among institutional investors.


A new direction for the Group

The 50th DOMITYS residence is opened in France and the first DOMITYS residence is opened abroad (in Auderghem, Belgium). DOMITYS residences are now of interest to institutional investors and ÆGIDE sells the first two DOMITYS residences as a package to a sole purchaser.

2005 to 2007

Rising up in importance

This period is defined by accelerated development, especially as DOMITYS proves resilient during the property crisis of 2008 to 2009. DOMITYS is different from its competitors thanks to a homogeneous, structured and easily adaptable service offer in the new residences.

2002 to 2005

Birth of the DOMITYS concept

DOMITYS’ distinctiveness and strength derives from several strong principles such as full management of the value chain, from real estate to operation, including marketing and rental. Otherwise known as the “operator-developer” logic.


Creation of the DOMITYS concept

The first residence is opened in Dompierre-sur-Mer near La Rochelle in France. ÆGIDE is responsible for its design, construction and marketing. Its operation is entrusted to its new subsidiary, DOMITYS.


Choosing a strategic direction

ÆGIDE carries out the audit of a previous-generation senior serviced residence. The study not only reveals untrained staff and a lack of services tailored to seniors but also, more notably, a promising and not very competitive market. Therefore the Group decides to develop a new product, in line with the expectations of both senior citizens and investors.

1992 to 1998

At the origin of the ÆGIDE Group, 3 visionaries

Jean-Marie Fournet, Didier Jaloux and Frédéric Walther pooled their know-how, vision and energy to create the ÆGIDE Group. Together, they had previously developed a wide range of skills in property asset enhancement (hotel management, catering, project management and property development) within the Immobilier PIERRE 1er group.