Our shareholders

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On June 29, 2021, AG2R LA MONDIALE, the social protection and wealth management specialist, became the majority shareholder with a 67% stake.

ÆGIDE's capital

  • Nexity 18%
  • JMF Conseil (founders) 15%

AG2R LA MONDIALE is the Group’s majority shareholder with a 67% stake. AG2R LA MONDIALE provides comprehensive protection through its four business lines: supplementary and supplemental pensions, health, personal protection and savings. The social protection group has 15 million people and beneficiaries protected, and manages 131.5 billion assets. We share with AG2R LA MONDIALE a common vision of the current and future needs of retirees. A vision centered on services and moments of life, in which senior residences are a key component.

The Nexity real estate group holds an 18% stake and plays an essential role in the pursuit of our ambitious development plan.

Finally, the founders, through JMF Conseil, still own 15% of ÆGIDE’s capital.