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An ageing population is not limited to France but affects a large number of countries, both in Europe and beyond. In China, for example, those over 65 will account for about one-quarter of the population by 2050 (source: United Nations).

The Group’s presence abroad

Unlike France, where the separation of the medico-social sector from the private sector by the public authorities has allowed the emergence of the concept of senior residences, these countries have a limited number of housing solutions adapted to independent seniors.

It is therefore through the creation and operation of senior residences abroad that ÆGIDE has initiated the internationalization of its activities. Already present in Belgium and Italy, the Group the Group is pursuing its deployment in Europe and continues to diversify its location strategy through management contracts.

Following the signing of the joint venture agreement with Ascott in 2020, DOMITYS has launched numerous projects in Asia. A first residence will open in the summer of 2022 in Bangsar, a residential suburb of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Other projects should follow in this country, but also in Thailand and China. In particular, a project has been signed in Ningbo, a Chinese port city that will host a 500-unit DOMITYS residence by the end of 2023.


senior living facilities abroad
by the end of 2023


of residence stock operated
abroad by 2024


priority geographical

Three priority geographical areas

The Group is capitalising on the strength of its concept and is forming partnerships to export its model of residences to three areas identified as priorities. ÆGIDE thus contributes to the export of French knowledge in the advanced age sector.

Asia Pacific

ÆGIDE intends to develop in this geographical area where needs are numerous, in particular in China, Thailand and Malaysia in the medium term.

Western Europe

France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal…

Tourist destinations