Our identity

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Trust is at the heart of our model

In Greek mythology, the aegis is a magnificent shield, associated with Zeus and Athena. This shield is body armour made from the skin of the goat Amalthea, who raised Zeus while he was a child. This mythological object accompanies him throughout his life before being passed on to Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom. The shield is a synonym for both protection and trust.

This is the emblem that the Group chose to symbolise its business model. ÆGIDE creates an environment and a climate of trust, conducive to the emergence of future projects.

Our beliefs


Source : According to Matières Grises, 2020

Through its concept of DOMITYS senior living facilities, ÆGIDE is a key player in the demographic transition. Along with digital and climate transitions, it is one of the three major changes our society will face in the coming decades.

DOMITYS senior living facilities help to prevent the loss of independence in multiple ways.

They promote the safety of inhabitants by providing emergency assistance 24/7, as well as intervention in less than five minutes in and around the residence. They maintain social links through numerous events designed to entertain, stimulate physical and cognitive abilities and also make people feel less alone (e.g. aqua aerobics, gentle gymnastics, literary clubs, memory and balance workshops etc.).

Our residences are resolutely open to the outside world,
making them real HQs for seniors in the neighbourhood.

They guarantee access to quality catering (e.g. local and seasonal produce, preparation on site by a chef etc.). Finally, our residences are actively outward-looking, making them senior HQs at a neighbourhood level (e.g. events linked to the local community, outings by minibus, interaction between residences etc.).

DOMITYS, offering a service that is comprehensive and tailored to the needs of seniors

This contribution to maintaining seniors’ independence is now recognised by public authorities. This is evident by the large number of projects supported by departments through financers’ conferences for the prevention of loss of independence.

Prevention is a key vector of age politics because it significantly contributes to the reduction of health costs (e.g. hospitalisations and trips to A&E avoided, reduced use of medical transport etc.). Indirectly, the development of DOMITYS Senior Living facilities thus contributes to the re-establishment of public accounts. It is also involved in improving the supply of new and tailored accommodation throughout different areas, without affecting community resources.

Indirectly, the development of DOMITYS senior residences contributes to the improvement of the supply of new and adapted housing, throughout the country and without burdening the resources of local authorities

A popular and accessible savings solution

Finally, demographic transition is also a challenge for our social model, as the ratio of workers to retirees tends to decline. Investment in senior living facilities provides a concrete solution, enabling many individual investors to build up additional income within an affordable budget. Senior living facilities thus represent a popular pension savings plan.