Our HR strategy

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In addition to professional skills and knowledge, the DOMITYS Group employees share the soft skills that make a difference. This culture of listening and caring is the heart and soul of our residences.

A culture of listening and caring

Each resident should feel understood, supported and listened to. All whilst maintaining total respect for independence and privacy, since an apartment in a senior serviced residence is a home like any other.

People and a sense of service are at the heart of our business. All staff at a residence thus complete dedicated training enabling them to grasp the specific features of our lines of business (first aid, welfare, end of life care etc.).


of employees are
satisfied working within
the Group (2019 – BVA)


of employees would
recommend working for
DOMITYS to others (2019)


of employees earn above
the minimum wage

Advanced age and autonomy

Our lines of business make sense

In this manifesto, DOMITYS shares its vision for advanced age lines of business and details its activity in the field of human resources focusing on one objective, to enable the majority of seniors to continue making plans for the future.

Coaching, training and mobility

Training is an essential part of our HR strategy. Most notably, our training development has recently resulted in the creation of a Director of Training, the development of l’École DOMITYS, the support of regional training centres and the individualisation and digitalisation of training courses.

In order to promote the employment of young graduates, the DOMITYS Group has also created a space for future executive assistants of living facilities to train, over several months. Our growth has allowed us to enhance our mobility and career management policy.

At least

training courses followed
per year, per employee


Trainees trained by
l’École DOMITYS in 2019


of the wage bill invested
in training

Diversity and inclusion

For DOMITYS, diversity is a performance factor. A source of innovation, it enriches exchanges and allows us to compare skills and points of view. DOMITYS staff are hired without discrimination, in particular on the grounds of race, colour, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, political opinion, ethnic or social origin.

The concept of equal opportunities covers non-discrimination in employment and equal access to professional development for all employees. Since 2014, thanks to its strong will, DOMITYS has adhered to the Diversity Charter established by the State.

Many actions are being carried out in line with the Group’s CSR roadmap, in particular regarding our disability policy and measures to welcome students from priority education network (REP) colleges.

In addition to encouraging employees to have their disability acknowledged (allocation of two exceptional leave days in the first year and one day in each subsequent year), the Group also undertakes various awareness-raising activities. For example, it organises theatre performances to overcome prejudices and distributes educational literature. The establishment of subcontracts with ESAT (assisted employment centres) and EA (adapted companies) is also an important business focus in relation to the Group’s purchasing management.


of people with disabilities
of disabled people in the total
workforce is our goal


of ÆGIDE’s staff
are women (2020)


score in the professional
equality index