Our gouvernance

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With nearly 20 years of experience, over time the Group has acquired comprehensive expertise and in-depth knowledge that reflected in its management. Led by two of its three founders, the Group established a coherent and dynamic governance in 2018.

The founders of the ÆGIDE Group

Jean-marie Fournet, Didier Jaloux and Frédéric Walther

have shared their know-how, vision and energy to create the ÆGIDE group.

Together, they had previously developed multiple skills in the development of real estate assets (hotel management, catering, project management and real estate development) within the Immobilier PIERRE 1er group.

The Managers

Jean-Marie Fournet

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

He was the General Manager of the real estate group PIERRE 1er for ten years. It was through his motivation that the takeover of the service provider ÆGIDE by senior managers was possible in 1996, which represented the start of the ÆGIDE Group in its current form.

Frédéric Walther

Managing Director

He was Director of Management Oversight for FRANCE-BOISSONS (part of the HEINEKEN BREWERY Group), then Chief Financial Officer for PIERRE 1er before taking part in the takeover of ÆGIDE to direct the management and the development of hotels and hotel-restaurants in particular.

The Executive Committee

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee helps to develop and implement the company’s strategic plans. It is comprised of the members of the Comex, as well as representatives from the Public Affairs, Commercial Real Estate, Communication, Accounting, Management Oversight, Development (France and International), Digital & IT, Marketing, Operations, Promotion (France, East and West), Quality & SAP, HR and Technical departments. The subsidiary DOMITYS Invest is also represented by its Chairman.