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Very early on, ÆGIDE developed a Housing & Quality of Life Research Unit. Coordinated by a sociologist, this unit carries out extensive research ranging from client-based knowledge to the improvement of customer experience, including innovation through the uses and services offered.

The Housing & Quality of Life Research Unit’s fields of expertise cover uses for accommodation and factors that influence ageing well, as well as training staff at senior living facilities.

Think tanks

As a responsible company, aware of the challenges in the markets in which it operates, ÆGIDE plays a leading role in the senior living facilities sector in particular. The Group’s top position brings with it an important responsibility towards the organisation of this sector, its structuring and its professionalisation.

A pioneer in the operation of senior living facilities through its DOMITYS brand, ÆGIDE is also committed to teaching a concept that it has helped to shape.

This is why DOMITYS is now a stakeholder in the following professional organisations and interest groups:


Founded in 2015 and chaired by Jean-Marie Fournet, SYNERPA RSS is part of the SYNERPA Confederation (the first French National Union of Retirement Homes, Senior Living facilities and Private Home Care for seniors with a loss of autonomy). This organisation aims to defend the interests of professionals in the advanced age sector.

Founded in January 2018, this think & do tank is specifically exploring how social and health vulnerabilities can become leverage for economic and social performance. It brings together a plurality of private and public structures convinced that vulnerability is a source of innovation.

Launched in 2018, this think tank brings together the main players in the hospitality and elderly care sectors, so that they can reflect as one and be proactive with regards to the major topics related to ageing. It guarantees a future-oriented role by proposing a multidisciplinary approach to the topics covered.

Formed in 2018, this college comprises of 89 members and is responsible for defining the sector’s strategic direction. It brings together the key players in the Silver Economy (industries, start-ups, medico-social federations, local authorities, welfare organisations etc.).


ÆGIDE’s investment in various organisations, including those listed above, has resulted in the publication of numerous reports and collective memos. Simultaneously, the Group drives the debate by producing numerous publications under its own name or through its various subsidiaries. In this context, DOMITYS is regularly asked to speak about themes related to advanced age.