Our lines of business

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From the residence design phase to their operation, the Group has developed a unique knowledge that it implements throughout the value chain. Development, marketing and operations are the subject of a managed and continuously improved process.

A managed value chain from end-to-end





Broad expertise in upstream phases

  • Seeking the best sites
  • In-depth knowledge of operational issues
  • Detailed market studies
  • Meticulous technical specifications


A flexible and complementary marketing model

  • Retail sales
  • Package sales


Genuine expertise as an operator

  • Experienced  and trained sales teams
  • Leadership partnership in the company’s management
  • Outward-looking residences
  • Infrastructure kept in very good condition for almost 20 years

Extensive expertise

As of 2021, the Group has 3700 employees working in the fields of real estate promotion, operations and support functions. Approximately 500 people are hired annually. A wealth of employees that allows ÆGIDE to offer a wide range of expertise at each stage of its development.

With its three lines of business, the Group has a presence throughout the value chain. It also has a long-term vision to build its future with confidence.

Development and design

Development and design

Real estate development and
programme project management


Promote our investment

Asset management and real estate investment
advice for individual and institutional investors


Operate residences with
a long-term vision

Management, hospitality, entertainment, food & beverage, maintenance & servicing, consultancy


Purchasing, sales, communication, accounting, management control, IT, legal, quality, marketing, HR, etc.