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Our brands

A coherent brand portfolio ÆGIDE brings together the headquarters' support functions, as well as the development and promotion of real estate. Directly owned, the DOMITYS Senior Living facilities brand represents the Group's core business both in France and internationally. The Group also operates several franchise hotels and tourist residences (The Crest Collection, Citadines Apart' HotelRead More »Our brands

Our lines of business

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From the residence design phase to their operation, the Group has developed a unique knowledge that it implements throughout the value chain. Development, marketing and operations are the subject of a managed and continuously improved process. A managed value chain from end-to-end Development Marketing Operation Development Broad expertise in upstream phases Seeking the best sitesRead More »Our lines of business

Our shareholders

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On June 29, 2021, AG2R LA MONDIALE, the social protection and wealth management specialist, became the majority shareholder with a 67% stake. ÆGIDE's capital Composition of capital AG2R LA MONDIALE is the Group's majority shareholder with a 67% stake. The Nexity real estate group holds an 18% stake and plays an essential role in theRead More »Our shareholders

Our gouvernance

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With nearly 20 years of experience, over time the Group has acquired comprehensive expertise and in-depth knowledge that reflected in its management. Led by two of its three founders, the Group established a coherent and dynamic governance in 2022. The founders of the ÆGIDE Group Jean-marie Fournet, Didier Jaloux and Frédéric Walther have shared theirRead More »Our gouvernance

Our identity

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Trust is at the heart of our model In Greek mythology, the aegis is a magnificent shield, associated with Zeus and Athena. This shield is body armour made from the skin of the goat Amalthea, who raised Zeus while he was a child. This mythological object accompanies him throughout his life before being passed onRead More »Our identity

Our story

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With nearly 20 years of experience, ÆGIDE is now a recognised operator-developer. The Group occupies an undisputed position as a leader in the senior living facilities market through its DOMITYS brand, which has more than 130 residences in France and abroad. ÆGIDE today... The Group is experiencing significant growth in its stock of senior livingRead More »Our story