Nos métiers

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Un modèle intégré De la phase de conception des résidences à leur exploitation, le Groupe a développé un savoir-faire unique qu’il met en œuvre tout au long de la chaîne de valeur. Développement, commercialisation et exploitation font l’objet de processus maîtrisés et sans cesse améliorés. Une chaîne de valeur maîtrisée de bout en bout DéveloppementLire la suite »Nos métiers

Press releases

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2021 AG2R LA MONDIALE becomes majority shareholder 2021/06/29 Domitys continues its development 2021/02/04

Communiqués de presse

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2021 AG2R LA MONDIALE devient actionnaire majoritaire 29/06/2021 Domitys poursuit son développement 04/02/2021


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Jean-Marie Fournet Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Download Frédéric Walther Managing Director Download

Annual report

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Annual report – 2020 This has been a very special year for us, marked by an unprecedented health crisis. Most of our senior living facilities are for people over 70, who are more vulnerable to the pandemic. In this annual report, we look back at how the Group got through 2020 and detail our strongLire la suite »Annual report

Territorial development

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The "residential" economy is based on local consumption, that is to say, all the main economic activities are aimed at meeting the needs of people residing in a particular area. The main characteristic of these activities is that they are not subject to strong external competition and therefore cannot be relocated. The "presential" economy followsLire la suite »Territorial development

Ethics & CSR

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Aware that its position as leader of senior living facilities in France brings with it a certain responsibility, ÆGIDE and its subsidiary DOMITYS have long invested in the design and structuring of an ambitious quality approach. An ambitious quality approach A cross-sectional view The Director of Quality & Personal Services is responsible for implementing specificLire la suite »Ethics & CSR

Our HR strategy

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In addition to professional skills and knowledge, the DOMITYS Group employees share the soft skills that make a difference. This culture of listening and caring is the heart and soul of our residences. A culture of listening and caring Each resident should feel understood, supported and listened to. All whilst maintaining total respect for independenceLire la suite »Our HR strategy

Work with us

More than 500 new positions created each year To accompany its growth, the Group recruits several hundred employees each year, mainly for the lines of business linked to the operation of DOMITYS Senior Living facilities. The main characteristics of these jobs are that they are spread across the entire area and involve activities that cannotLire la suite »Work with us

Our presence around the world

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An ageing population is not limited to France but affects a large number of countries, both in Europe and beyond. In China, for example, those over 65 will account for about one-quarter of the population by 2050 (source: United Nations). The senior living facilities: a stepping stone towards internationalisation Unlike France, where the government's separationLire la suite »Our presence around the world